yet, her tongue was dripping with poison. 

basterbine was a viper, insolence manifested 

in the flesh some might say, for she never 

knew the limits which should never be broken. 

nonchalantly waving a gloved hand, a glance 

would be directed at the male; her voice rising 

in response to his indifference.


 ’—-I did not hear you, Cang!’ 


          c’mon. react.


     ’repeat yourself please?’

  “should i define disruptive?”
       perhaps it would be necessary, considering the juvenile
       antics of one he could not truly say he expected any
       different out of. the forecast of a day included a tantrum
       of some sorts without fail, and he prided himself upon
       staying out of them. ah, all luck falls short of mere chance.
       he’s little need for further conversation, as the tilt of his
       figure away from the space between them clearly illustrates.
       another moment, and he will walk from this.

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'what did you just—-' 

      a plaything. 


'it'd be more like the other way around,

                                               don’t you think?’

  “.  .  . —”
      the rolling frosted tip shoulder of neither
      defeat nor victory; verbose battles are not
      of him, much less to be had with supposed
      comrades. he’d turn away, as he does,
      before he were to brandish a sword tongue.

          “you’re being disruptive.

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this is my way of saying hello. (¯`v´¯) nerd

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kicks your shin.

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ekragei ;  
She is fully aware that her presence is a nuisance, yet, she swallows all hesitation and takes the first steps to his room - dainty fingers pushing the door violently in order to rip more reactions. She only does it because chaos has an addictive flavor, and merely because he denies her company. The 'E' is not fond of him, yet, contempt is not there. This is neutral; as the very atmosphere that circulates his countenance. "Oh well-- you'll talk to me now or...?"


  it is indeed of
     a certain degree of annoyance that he regards
     her allowing herself in, much to his chagrin.
     avoidance was not in his nature, rather, the
     outright ignoring of problems and meet them
     full faced but with no intention to speak of it,
     was more of his preferred coping measures. he’s
     set upon a lounge couch, legs crossed with ankle
     to knee, and his arms crossed ( standoffish at best,
     unapproachable at better ).

              “— — talk about what ?

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let’s spend some time together and eat cookies. (¯`v´¯)

absolutely not. (▰˘◡˘▰) 

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